The Ship

Detailed ship information

The ship is a purpose built 35m dive liveaboard which was originally a commercial dive-support vessel serving the oil industry in the Gulf of Mexico. Because of this she is a superbly stable and robust vessel and also has ‘zero speed stabilisers’ which are lowered into the water when she is moored to give added stability, making the ship an ideal choice to take you on an amazing adventure diving the Cocos Islands of Costa Rica.


Her renovations turned her into a very comfortable dive liveaboard, with underwater photographers in mind and all the facilities needed. The ship has 10 air-conditioned cabins with en-suite bathrooms for added comfort. She also has a study and lounge area, perfect for relaxing, editing photos or watching a DVD. 


This spacious boat is everything that a serious diver or photographer could wish for - individual gear storage, private camera/strobe storage shelves with 110 & 220-volt AC power, zero-speed stabilizers and even a private washer & dryer for client’s towels and bathing suits. Her roominess and user-friendliness has introduced adventure divers, as well as professional photographers and cinematographers, to an entirely new level of live-aboard facility.


The ship has 10 air-conditioned cabins with en-suite bathrooms nd all that you may need to make your stay comfortable. The 10 cabins are divided as follows: 5 twin bed cabins, 3 double bed cabins and 2 suite cabins.



Twin bed cabins:

  • all 5 twin cabins are located on the lower deck
  • This cabin includes: Personal hanging lockers, shelves, drawers and hanging hooks. A private bathroom equipped with 110-volt outlets suitable for your electronic equipment. It's air-conditioned and carpeted throughout with a circular porthole.
  • 3 twin cabins with bunk bed, 2 twin cabins with seperate beds.

Double bed cabins:

  • all 3 double bed cabins are located on the lower deck
  • cabins with queen size bed and optional upper twin-size bed.
  • This cabin includes: Personal hanging lockers, shelves, drawers and hanging hooks. A private bathroom equipped with 110-volt outlets suitable for your electronic equipment. It's air-conditioned and carpeted throughout with a circular porthole.

Suite cabins:

  • the 2 Suite cabins have one queen size bed and optional upper twin-size bed.
  • A suite cabins includes: Shelves, drawers and hanging hooks, a desk and chair and a luxury bathroom with granite surfaces. It is equipped with 110-volt outlets suitable for your electronic equipment. The room has large windows and is carpeted throughout and contains a satellite telephone for international calls.
  • Each suite has a distinctly themed room, with hand-painted artwork by Carlos Hiller. Suite 9 has a Spotted Eagle Ray theme. The Owner's cabin features schools of jacks and dolphins painted on the walls.
  • Note, the cost of the Suite cabins are higher than the lower deck cabins.


Decks in overview

Upper deck

Main deck

Lower deck


The lounge is ample and comfortable with chairs and long, padded seating areas for sitting, reclining and even dozing off. Aside from the always fascinating socializing with your fellow adventurers, there is also a variety of nightly entertainment available aboard. This includes slide shows, DVDs, videos, games and more. Please feel free to bring along your own favorites. The refrigerator is constantly refreshed and brimming with soft drinks, beer and ice for your pleasure and something to munch on is always within reach.

Dining room

The dining room consists of five, 4-person booths arranged in two rows, cozy enough even to allow conversation between booths. The menu aboard is a soulful combination of American and local Costa Rican cuisine. Meals are varied, abundant and nutritionally well-balanced. There are fresh tropical fruits, salads, fish, chicken, beef, and much more, all prepared in a wide variety of ways. Our guests continually laud our chefs' creativity in turning out delicious and memorable meals at sea. Please let us know if you have any special dietary needs or requests.

Sundeck & Bow

This 1000 square foot area is truly multi-use. Make yourself at home reading in a lounge chair, catching some rays or watching a sunset. Our chefs use this area for sumptuous BBQs with dancing under the stars. Its large open area has actually been designed specifically for landing a helicopter during special expeditions.


The bow section of the ship offers a spacious area for passengers to stroll and feel the ocean breezes while taking in the beautiful vistas of sunsets, approaching islands or dolphins surfing the boat's bow wake.

Diving platform

Between dives, this huge, extended dive platform is often used as a swim deck or a launching platform for our kayaks. At night, it's a popular gathering place for viewing large fish, including shark activity spurred by the lights.


Diver facilities are extremely well-designed with segregated, individual gear storage provided for each diver. This includes under-seat storage, a large cubbyhole with electric outlets for charging as well as easy access to protected areas for even the largest camera housings and lights.


Provided aboard are 20 personal camera lockers. There are numerous 110 & 220 volt outlets for charging batteries, strobes and other electronics. These are located in all of the personal camera lockers and also above the camera bench.

Study Room

This room has comfortable seating and a library that provides a relaxed and private ambience. The study has a TV, VCR, DVD and personal computer to allow guests to view and edit their video and digital photography. It also serves as an intimate classroom for our theoretical instructional courses.


The bridge of the Sea Hunter is a fully equipped modern navigation and communication center. It hosts all the latest marine electronics to ensure a safe ocean voyage. It also includes a Satellite Telephone System. Our guests are welcome to visit the bridge at any time. Sit a while and chat with the captain and crew, see the sights or place international telephone calls.

Ship specifications:

Length: 115 ft / 36 m
Beam: 26 ft / 8.1 m
Draft: 8 ft / 2.5 m
Displacement: 250 tons
Construction: welded steel with teak work deck
Engines: twin GM 16V92 / 1200 total hp
Cruising Speed: 9.5 knots
Maximum Speed: 10 knots
Range: 3,500 nautical miles
Endurance: 30 days (limited by food supply)
Tenders: Two 24 ft heavy duty fiberglass dive boats 
17 ft rigid bottom inflatable
Portable Generators: GM 6-71 75kw 
John Deere 105kw 
Portable Generator 5kw
Available Voltage: 110/220 VAC 
60 Hz 
3-phase 208 VAC 
12 VDC
Fuel Tank: 20,000 US gallons (78 tons)
Water Tank: 15,000 gallons (60 tons) 1,800 gallons/day water maker
Safety: Two 25 person life-rafts. 
Complete boat, crew and passenger safety gear. 
Firefighting system throughout vessel. 
Extensive first aid kit. 
20 personal diver locator systems. 
Scuba Compressors: 2 HP compressors 
1 nitrox generator
Scuba Tanks: 30 aluminum 80 cu/ft tanks 
2640 cu/ft high-pressure storage bank
Technical Diving: Full oxygen, nitrox and rebreather service. 
Passengers must bring their own rebreathers.
3 GPS (Global Positioning Systems)  
2 Radars (48 and 32 mile) 
2 recording fathometers 
Radio Direction Finder SIMRAD 
Auto pilot

2 VHF radios 
3 handheld VHF radios, 
SSB radio (SEA 222) 
Multi-system televisions, CD stereo and DVD player. 
Desktop Computer 
Starlit Telephone

Miscellaneous: 20 personal dive gear boxes, 20 personal camera lockers with stabilized and surge protected 110v outlets. 
Air conditioning throughout the vessel 
Washing machines and dryers, as well as two refrigerators and ice makers.

12-ton deck mounted crane (55-ft reach). 
33 ft by 24 ft (10.3m by 7.4 m) work deck space. 
44 ft by 24-ft sundeck (1000 sq. ft.) and lounge chairs. 
Fully equipped workshop with arc welding and oxy-acetylene cutting equipment/supplies.

Guest Accommodations: For 20 guests 10 double/twin cabins, all with heads and showers.
Crew Accommodations: For 14 crew members - 7 crew cabins and 3 crew heads.