Rental Equipment


Galapagos Shark Diving - Rental Equipment

Note that we rent the equipment from third party in Galapagos. Prices based on 2019 and may change. Please enquire upon application. Thank you!

Current prices are:

Full Scuba Package -BCD, Regulator, wetsuit (7mm), fins, mask, snorkel, booties, hood, gloves (does not include computer) $ 250

15 l tank upgrade $ 75

Regulator $ 80

Computer (limited availability) $ 80

BCD $ 80

Full Body Wetsuit $ 64

Hood $ 20

Gloves $ 20

Booties $ 25

DIN/Yoke Adaptor (limited availability) $ 25

Nitrox fills $ 150 per week


All rates are Net Rates in US Dollars per person.

We recommend that you bring your own gear as it fits best and will make you feel more comfortable for Galapagos' diving conditions.

Any rental payments made on board are subject to a 15% local tax and fees increase.

Please note that limited sizes and quantities are available. We recommend you reconfirm your rental needs at the moment of booking.

Refund fees are applicable to any lost or damaged equipment rented. Refund fees will be confirmed at the moment of booking.

Rental rates are subject to change.