Galapagos Shark Diving actively supports conservation in Galapagos!

Combine an incredible dive experience with helping research & conservation of whale sharks


Once you dive Galapagos your life and diving will NEVER be the same!

  • The Galapagos Islands are a magical place. They offer diving with hammerhead, Galapagos & Silky sharks, Whale Sharks, turtles, Molas, Marine Iguanas, Eagle rays, dolphins, Jacks, Tuna, Red-lipped batfish and so much unique marine species.
  • Occasionally we also find Orcas, Tiger Sharks, Humpback whales and other less frequently seen marine animals!

WHY dive with US? How do we make the DIFFERENCE?

  • The price includes an optional donation to the Galapagos Whale Shark Project - for your support you will get a underwater video of your individual dive expedition! 
  • We give presentations about a variety of Galapagos topics; science and conservation of Whale Sharks & the Galapagos Whale Shark Project!
  • You will dive with the PROJECT LEADER Jonathan Green and team member Jenny Waack!
  • Both are dive masters! So you will have 4 dive masters in total - for 7 guests 2 dive masters!
  • You can help with citizen science adding to the knowledge and global data bases.
  • We will have maximum of 14 instead of 16 passengers on board the vessel.
  • Interested in underwater photography? Jonathan is an award winning photographer, who has led many photography workshops in Galapagos and around the world. He will give you all the tips & tricks in a PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP and practical advice about photography on land and underwater directly onboard. All included in the trip cost.
  • Why these dates? We take into consideration local and climatic conditions to optimise our wildlife encounters! 
  • We offer translation onboard in Spanish, German and French.

Our Dive Expeditions

Superior Touristclass ship & itinary with the widest varity of dive sides! Including possible dives with whale sharks, sunfish, marine iguanas, hammerheads & many other sharks, penguins and lots more!


The boat offers a wide diversity of dive opportunities:

  • It visits dive sites for MOLAS and MARINE IGUANAS!
  • It offers ALL the dives and services of the other dive vessels in the Galapagos and YOU CAN'T BEAT OUR PRICE!

Available dates

In 2019:

  • 23 - 30 July 2019
  • 06 - 13 August 2019
  • 20 - 27 August 2019

In 2020:

  • 4 - 11 August 2020
  • 11 - 18 August 2020

Luxury ship & itinary with 4 days Wolf & Darwin Island! Increase your change to dive with whale sharks and hundreds of hammerheads by staying longer in this magical places!



The boat offers extra time in Wolf & Darwin:

  • It is one of few vessels that sails to WOLF & DARWIN, THE HOTSPOT for HAMMERHEAD & WHALE SHARKS!
  • It is one of the few boats that gives us 4 full days in Wolf & Darwin - 1 extra day compared to most of the other vessels! So the chance to see whale sharks increases.
  • Offers a comfortable and luxurious adventure in Galapagos!

Available dates

In 2020:

  • 20 - 27 July 2020
  • 27 July - 03 August 2020


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WHO are we and WHY we loving what we do?

Jonathan R. Green is founder and director of the Galapagos Whale Shark Project. Jenny Waack is team member of the same project. Both fell in love with whale sharks and the marine environment, dedicating their lives to protect these gentle giants and the oceans. More information to our history here.


Why we love what we do?  


We like to ...

  • ... offer DIVING WITH A GOOD PURPOSE - combine an incredible dive experience with helping research & conservation of whale sharks!
  • ... make the world aware of the endangered status of whale sharks, show how everybody can help in giving more detailed information about these gentle giants of the oceans.
  • ... let the world know about the Galapagos Whale Shark Project, its positive impact & support the Project directly.
  • ... show YOU how you can do citizen science and support a lot of shark species.
  • ... give us the possibility to dedicate more time to the project and the conservation of whale sharks.
  • ... give back to nature & marine life

Some VIDEOS from our trips