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Welcome to our 'Travel EmOcean'-Podcast!


With this podcast we want to create a platform where we can talk about all topics related to travel, diving, Galapagos, conservation and the ocean in general. You can hear about the best travel guide information in South America from a local person, find out all the great options you might want to visit or you get important dive tips and avoid taking the wrong gear to Galapagos. The topic variety is huge and hopefully will grow with your questions. A travel & diving guide for South America free of charge!


Every other week you will get a new episode of 'Travel EmOcean' where we talk about this variety of topics.


Jonathan was the last 30 years tour guide in many South American countries including dive guide in Galapagos. He will probably give you many inside tips which you might not find in a travel guide.

Jenny always loved traveling and traveled as woman alone through South America what is in her opinion not a issue at all.

Certain questions, e.g. which wetsuit do you need in Galapagos, needs to be discussed from a 'man' and a 'woman' perspective.


So use this opportunity to ask us YOUR question HERE!

Travel EmOcean

Travel EmOcean #6 - Why are the Galapagos so special & unique? (Wed, 29 Jul 2020)
In this podcast episode Jenny & Jonathan will talk about the topic "Why are the Galapagos so special and unique". They will talk about the marine wildlife you might see as a diver and why Galapagos is offering such a high variety of wildlife. After this episode your desire to explore this incredible beautiful and exciting underwater world.
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Travel EmOcean #5 - The best dive equipment for the Galapagos (Mon, 20 Jul 2020)
In this podcast episode Jenny and Jonathan will discuss the question "What is the best dive equipment for diving in the Galapagos Islands?". They will tell you which thickness of wetsuit you should consider and give you tips what to pack in your dive bag. The recommendations are made for the dive period June to October as that is the time of the year where it is highly likely to see whale sharks in the Galapagos. If you are planning your Galapagos dive adventure that might be the right episode for you.
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Travel EmOcean #4 - Temperature in Galapagos? (Wed, 01 Jul 2020)
Jenny and Jonathan discussing in podcast episode #4 the frequently asked question “How warm or cold is the water in the Galapagos Islands?”. The answer is not simple as the temperatures vary in the different areas within the islands. We will talk about the different areas of the Galapagos Islands, the different water and air temperature and why it is that Galapagos offers such a big variety on temperatures. You are preparing your Galapagos dive holiday? This episode might give you great information and tips.
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Travel EmOcean #3 - Best time for diving in Galapagos (Sun, 14 Jun 2020)
Many divers have the question "When is the best time to dive in the Galapagos Islands". In this podcast episode Jenny and Jonathan will give you more information about different seasons and what are the best months to dive in the islands and why. They will talk about the warm and cold season, the reason why in the colder season is more wildlife to see under water and what you can see when diving in the Galapagos Islands. In this season you get a good idea when you want to go. 
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Travel EmOcean #2 - Learn more about Jonathan R Green (Sun, 14 Jun 2020)
In episode #2 you will meet Jonathan R. Green, the main guide of the Galapagos Shark Diving Trips. Jonathan is the director of a research project in the Galapagos Islands studying the mightiest of all sharks, the whale shark. This research project is supported by all of our divers. Jonathan will explain how everything began and how he become the director of a research project studying whale sharks, become a underwater photographer, a scientist, author, a diver and a naturalist in the Galapagos Islands. 
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Travel EmOcean #1 - Meet Jenny Waack (Sun, 14 Jun 2020)
Travel EmOcean is a podcast about Traveling, Diving & Emotion around the ocean. In the first episode Jenny, the founder of Galapagos Shark Diving, introduces herself to you. She is talking about the time when her life changed totally. Jenny worked for a long time in Germany in a bank and now she is diving in the most magical place on earth - the Galapagos Islands. She gets the opportunity to show this place to many other divers. She also tries to create awareness for sharks, the ocean and loves to show every diver how they can support shark conservation too and that we no scientific background needed.
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Your 'Travel EmOcean'-Team answers YOUR question!

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Also you will have the chance to read about these topics in our blog. So please feel free to have a look there too.

The Podcast-Team

Jenny and Jonathan from the podcast Travel EmOcean

Meet Jenny from Galapagos Shark Diving and Jonathan from the Galapagos Whale Shark Project in their podcast Travel EmOcean. They talk about their favourite topics diving, Galapagos and shark conservation - join them now!

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