Raja Ampat - Dive Operation

Once you've enjoyed a pre-dive continental breakfast you can meet our dive guides on the dive deck. Here you will be given a detailed briefing and shown a graphical representation of the dive site in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. While you are preparing for your dive, the crew will transfer your gear to the 3 Zodiacs. We load a maximum compliment of 6 divers on each Zodiac (small group diving protects the reef!). There is no need for you to haul your own heavy gear; just climb into the Zodiac and your gear will be waiting for you there. Further, once you explain the particulars of your camera system to your guides - they will make sure that it is delivered to your Zodiac with care and consideration.


After a comfortable, short ride, we'll be ready to dive. If you have back issues, the crew is happy to help you on and off with your tank while you are in the water. For your safety and peace of mind, our well-trained Zodiac drivers will accompany you from a safe and prudent distance during your entire dive. While underwater you can join the guide for a special tour or just do your own thing. The primary focus of our ship diving instructors and dive guides is to look after your safety and comfort, they'll keep always an eye out for your safety.


After the dive, refreshments will be waiting for you aboard the ship. Kick back and chat about your diving experiences and sip a cool beverage while screening a video and sharing photos of your dive.


Typically, we schedule four dives a day depending on crusing and weather conditions:

• Early morning (around 8:00 AM)

• Late morning (around 11:00 AM

• Afternoon (around 3:00 PM)

• After dinner – an exciting dusk or nighttime dive


The ship’s crew is all about safety and service, and with seventeen crewmembers aboard to serve you, you can look forward to diving with the greatest of ease.


In the unlikely event of an emergency, we always carry a first-aid kit, diver’s oxygen, satellite telephone, VHF Radio, two life rafts, E.P.I.R.B. automatic signaling devices, and other important safety equipment. For safety reasons, we permit no dives on the arrival and departure days, and we serve alcoholic beverages only after your diving day is finished.


Since 2011 the ship is in possession of the new Nautilus Lifeline System (emergency and rescue system for diver). This is a ultra compact VHF marine voice radio with GPS that can be operated at the waters surface. The Nautilus Lifeline is also a full featured marine VHF radio with Digital Selective Calling (DSC) and GPS that is ready to be used as soon as it is charged via it's USB port. More informations you find here: Nautilus Lifeline System (http://www.nautiluslifeline.com/)


Please note that a dive insurance is not included and is mandatory for all dive liveaboards. 

Nitrox & Nitrox courses

For our Nitrox Specialty certified guests, we offer Nitrox (32% oxygen) fills. There is a Nitrox analyzer aboard provided for your use.


We also offer a P.A.D.I. Nitrox Specialty Course. The course will allow you to use Nitrox during the cruise, and you will be provided with a certification card to document your successful completion of the course. Remember choosing to use and training for Nitrox is the diver’s personal decision. Should you choose to do so, you are responsible for planning dives that take into consideration the maximum operating depth (MOD) of the gas mixture as well as oxygen toxicity issues. So, plan carefully and you will reap the benefits of Nitrox diving.

Rental Gear

Galapagos Shark Diving - Dive equipment

We're equipped to provide rental BCDs, regulators, dive lights, and dive computers for six divers and 4 15l tanks. Guests need to bring mask, snorkel, fins and dive suites by themselves. (We may have limited quantity available on board but please enquire first!) As there is only limited rental equipment available, we recommend to make a reservation in advance!



BCD (Size XS, S, M, L and XL): 110 CHF / 100 EUR / 110 US$

Regulator: 110 CHF / 100 EUR / 110 US$

Diving lamp per trip: 70 CHF / 60 EUR / 70 US$

Diving lamp per dive: 6 CHF / 5 EUR / 6 US$

Divecomputer per trip: 60 CHF / 60 EUR / 60 US$

15l-dive tank per trip: 80 CHF / 70 EUR / 80 US$


Safety sausage, leadbelt, emergency light are free of charge.


Above mentioned fees are extra costs and are payable aboard. You can pay in cash in CHF, EURO and USD or aboard credit (Master and VISA with an additional fee of around 4%) cards are also accepted.


The ship has BCD, regulators, lamps and dive computers for four guests aboard. There are four 15-litre dive tanks for rental provided. Masks, snorkel, fins and dive suits have to be brought to the ship.


Masks, snorkel, fins you can rent on the ship for 20 EUR / 23 USD - please let us know in advance if needed as they are only limited amount.