2023 Contribution Marine Research

As a trailblazer in eco-conscious diving, we are thrilled to share a remarkable update on our dedication to marine conservation. This year, our passionate community came together to contribute over $17,400 to the Galapagos Whale Shark Project (GWSP), pushing our total donations beyond the $62,000 mark. This achievement highlights our relentless commitment to preserving the marine wonders of the Galapagos.


Since we started diving in 2019, Galapagos Shark Diving has been more than just about exploring the depths; we've led a movement. A portion of every diver's fee goes to GWSP, and to date, we've contributed more than $62,000, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to marine conservation and the critical research conducted by GWSP.


This year's generous donation provides a lifeline for the GWSP research team, offering essential resources such as satellite tags, blood kits, and boat time. These tools enable the team to track whale shark migrations, delve into the mysteries of their diving behavior, and continue groundbreaking ultrasound work to uncover the secrets of the reproductive cycle of female adult whale sharks—an area of research that remains largely unexplored.

Jonathan R. Green, the Project Founder & Director of GWSP, once told me, "My first whale shark sighting was in 1990 at the Arch of Darwin. The more I began to learn about this species, the more I realized we know virtually nothing about the natural history of the species, not only locally and regionally but also worldwide. Our goal is to answer basic questions that are part of the mystery that surrounds this species."


Our divers are more than financial contributors; they are stewards of the ocean. They gain priceless insights into marine conservation and apply this knowledge globally. Over 80% of our profits go into GWSP, supporting both shark research and broader conservation initiatives in the region.


At Galapagos Shark Diving, we don't just dive; we educate. By sharing data from satellite tags, we advocate for increased marine protected areas, championing the protection of whale sharks and other marine species.


I extend my deepest gratitude to every diver who joined us this year. Your participation fuels the success of these conservation efforts. Together, we are not just divers; we are guardians of the ocean, making a positive impact on ocean preservation.



About Galapagos Whale Shark Project (GWSP)

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Ocean's Gentle Giants

Reflecting on the project, Jonathan R. Green, the Project Founder & Director, said, "The more I began to learn about this species, the more I realized we know virtually nothing about the natural history of the species, not only locally and regionally but also worldwide."

GWSP's Pioneering Approach

Initiated in 2011, the Galapagos Whale Shark Project is dedicated to unraveling the natural history of the whale shark, a species crucial for ocean health. From satellite tracking to ultrasounds and blood samples, GWSP's multidisciplinary approach is essential for understanding the life strategies of these majestic creatures and urgently protecting them.

Galapagos Whale Shark Project Team in front of Darwin's Arch before it collapsed

Protecting the Giants of the Sea

While our primary goal is the protection of whale sharks, the ripple effects of GWSP's studies benefit countless other species, creating a massive "umbrella" effect for marine conservation. Our discoveries are foundational for future conservation legislation and practices.

Insights from the Deep

The shift to active data collection by GWSP has uncovered fascinating insights into whale shark behavior, migration patterns, and the connectivity between key locations in the Eastern Pacific—an invaluable contribution to marine conservation.

About Galapagos Shark Diving

Blazing Trails in Eco-Conscious Diving

Galapagos Shark Diving is more than an adventure; it's a pledge to a sustainable ocean future. By offering exhilarating diving experiences and dedicating a significant portion of our profits to marine conservation, we're pioneers in combining adventure with a profound cause.

Our Mission

Our mission is to conserve the marine ecosystems of the Galapagos and Cocos Island through research, education, and accessibility. We empower divers from all walks of life to become advocates for marine conservation, raising awareness about endangered marine wildlife such as whale sharks.


Join us at Galapagos Shark Diving and support marine conservation firsthand.

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