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Liveaboard Superior to Day Diving?
Galapagos Travel Info & Guides · 15. March 2024
Liveaboard diving in the Galapagos offers a superior experience over day diving due to its access to remote, pristine dive sites like Darwin and Wolf Islands, increased dive times, and expert guidance. It allows divers to enjoy multiple dives a day at optimal times, comfort between dives, and the chance to dive with like-minded enthusiasts. This immersive experience is unmatched in exploring the Galapagos' unique underwater world, making it the ultimate adventure for diving aficionados.

Guide: Airlines and Flight Options
Galapagos Travel Info & Guides · 15. March 2024
This guide offers essential travel tips for flying to the Galapagos Islands, detailing airline options from the US, Europe, Australia, and domestic flights within Ecuador. It emphasizes the importance of planning, entry requirements, and environmental responsibility to ensure a memorable journey to this unique UNESCO World Heritage site.

Galapagos's Best Dive Sites
15. March 2024
Discover the unparalleled dive sites of the Galapagos Islands, from the shark-filled waters of Wolf Island to the serene beauty of Pinzon, each offering a unique underwater experience.

Green Sea Turtle Scuba Destinations
Galapagos Wildlife · 15. March 2024
Explore top spots for diving with endangered green sea turtles, a guide emphasizing conservation and the best times to dive in locations like Galapagos, Philippines, Malaysia, Hawaii, Caribbean, and Indonesia.

Update to Galapagos Entrance Fee
Galapagos Travel Info & Guides · 14. March 2024
Starting August 1, 2024, Galapagos Islands' entrance fee will be $200 for international travelers, aiming to fund conservation and sustainable development, marking the first fee change in 26 years. This initiative supports local biodiversity and tourism models aligning with conservation efforts.

2023 Contribution Marine Research
In 2023, Galapagos Shark Diving united to donate over $17,400 to the Galapagos Whale Shark Project, boosting total contributions to $62,000. These funds support crucial research on whale shark migrations and reproductive behaviors, reinforcing our commitment to marine conservation. Our efforts not only advance scientific knowledge but also educate and transform divers into ocean guardians, advocating for the protection of marine species and their habitats.

Giant Manta Ray Destinations
08. January 2024
This blog post highlights premier shark diving spots globally, emphasizing responsible, sustainable practices. The Galapagos Islands are presented as the top location, offering diverse shark species like hammerheads and tiger sharks, best visited from June to November. The article stresses choosing eco-friendly operators, maintaining a safe distance, supporting conservation, and educating oneself about shark species and behaviors.

World's Best Mola Mola (Ocean sunfish) Diving Destinations
Galapagos Wildlife · 07. January 2024
This blog post is an enlightening guide on the best spots for diving with ocean sunfish, or mola mola. It covers unique destinations like the Galapagos Islands, Bali, Nusa Penida, Komodo National Park, Lembata, and Lisbon, detailing the best times to dive and emphasizing responsible, sustainable practices. The article advises choosing ethical operators, maintaining distance from molas, supporting conservation, and educating oneself about these creatures.

Named Whale Sharks of 2023
Galapagos Shark Diving has successfully concluded the 'Name a Whale Shark Contest 2023', combining diving and marine conservation. Participants in the Galapagos Islands named whale sharks, contributing to the Galapagos Whale Shark Project. Funds raised helped purchase three satellite tags for tracking named sharks 'Makeba', 'Luna', and 'Star'. This initiative, drawing exclusively female names, reflects the unique female-dominant whale shark population in the Galapagos.

Epic 15-Day Scuba Eco-Liveaboard
Galapagos Travel Info & Guides · 19. December 2023
Embark on a 15-day Galapagos dive adventure with Jenny Waack. Experience double the diving in shark-rich waters like Wolf & Darwin, enhancing encounters with Whale sharks and hammerheads. Explore exclusive sites such as Pinzon & Roca Blanca, and witness a variety of rare marine life. Our extended itinerary offers more dives and a leisurely pace, allowing for a comprehensive and adaptable exploration of the Galapagos, both underwater and ashore.

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